'Dirty Dancing' lift imitation goes hilariously wrong at wedding

Anna-Louise Weihrauch and Mate Gyenei perform during the 'Dirty Dancing' Musical Photocall at Hotel Bayerischer Hof on October 14, 2014 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images)

No one can do “the lift” from the movie “Dirty Dancing” quite like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, but many, many try.

The move is often imitated at special events, and such was the case at a wedding in Escondido, California, the Daily Mail reported.

It’s unclear when the video was shot, but it shows a bridesmaid and groomsmen trying the trick.

Hilarity ensues when the groomsman misses the mark -- holding the bridesmaid -- not at her hips, but on her upper thighs, leading to serious balance issues.

In seconds, the bridesmaid’s bottom half is thrust into the air, hurtling over his head. The bridesmaid’s top half, meanwhile, swan-dives toward the ground over his back. She eventually lands on him as he crashes backward to the floor.

The bridesmaid managed to quickly recover, but others at the party helped the groomsman to his feet.


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