Man rescues dog bobbing near San Luis Pass

He is now searching for her owner

FREEPORT – A dog was rescued by a man who found her bobbing in the water off the coast of Freeport has been reunited with her owners.

Jodi Durham was out in the Gulf of Mexico Saturday morning and thought he saw something bobbing in the water. He quickly ruled it out as being a pelican or a dolphin -- then realized it was a setter-mix dog he's now calling "Lucky Girl."

Durham, from Conroe, pulled up his anchor and made his way over to the dog, let down his ladder and pulled her aboard. 

He made his way back to shore and began asking people on the beach if it was their dog, but no one said yes. 

She's estimated to be around 7 or 8 years old and is "a little overweight," Durham said with a chuckle. She's sporting a teal blue collar with blue-green sea turtles. 

In light of recent drownings near the San Luis Pass, Durham said he was scared for Lucky Girl.

"I've had some amazing adventures out there, but this one tops the list," he said. 

Durham said he has contacted the Brazoria County Park Rangers who provided food and water to Lucky Girl. 

As of Saturday afternoon, due to numerous social media shares and our article one KPRC 2, Lucky Girl was reunited with her family. Durham said the owner lived near by and Lucy Girl escaped Saturday morning. 

"Thanks to everyone for the assistance!" Durham said. "Hat tip to Kevin Burns at Brazoria County Park, for helping me with some food and water for her, and for quickly and efficiently passing the word so her owners could be found so quickly."