Video shows moment Texas man high on PCP crashes into trucks, police say

McTavish Raymond, 45, arrested

LUFKIN, Texas – They say crack is whack, and Texas police have the video to prove drugs can also make people do things they might not otherwise.

Police in Lukfin posted a video on its Facebook page that shows the driver of an SUV crashing into multiple parked trucks.

The post said McTavish Raymond, 45, had driven away from the scene of one accident on Tuesday before crashing into the parked vehicles outside an auto body shop.

Video captured Raymond’s SUV driving into the trucks without any apparent effort to stop or avoid the crash.

The impact was so hard that one truck did a complete 180, and the second truck was pushed several feet, flipped onto its side and had the passenger doors ripped off.

Police said Raymond admitted to smoking PCP before getting behind the wheel.

The driver from the first crash was taken to the hospital with neck pain. No one was in the trucks that were hit, the post said.

Raymond faces a charge of DWI and accident involving injury.