Kolter Elementary starts school for first time since Harvey

6 other Harvey-damaged HISD campuses head to class

HOUSTON – The new school year at the new Kolter Elementary School could mean some challenges for families.

Kolter was one of five schools relocated after Hurricane Harvey.

On Monday, students arrived to the former Gordon Elementary school on Avenue B near Bissonnet to a little fun with a photo booth, breakfast and a mascot.

“We have a long drive but I think it will be fine, and we’ll just get into a new normal,” said Kolter parent Meredith Howell.

To make up for the late start, the district added 55 minutes to each school day.

“Grownups have a hard time focusing for that long, I don’t see how that’s in the best interest of our kids,” said Kolter parent Eliana Teague.

“I think adding the extra 55 minutes, they’ll get whatever curriculum time that was missed and hopefully they can pack it in that time,” said Kolter parent Erinn Miller.

Families tried to get use to a new building, a longer day and possibly a longer drive, but the focus in the classroom was the same.

“I think everybody’s just so happy to be together that we’re gonna overcome any of those challenges,” said parent Meagan Friedman.

The University of Houston football team and band was set to visit the students at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

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