Video of SAPD officer with gas nozzle still attached to patrol car goes viral

Incident was 'only an accident,' SAPD says


SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio police officer left the gas station with more than just a full tank on Friday. In fact, he took the entire pump with him.

Pablo and Paula Carmona were driving when they saw a San Antonio Police Department cruiser with something hanging off its side.

Pablo, who was in the passenger's seat at the time, pulled out his phone to record the unusual occurrence and posted the video to Facebook. That video has since gone viral, with over 157,000 views.

WATCH: Video of officer with gas nozzle still attached to patrol car goes viral

"The policeman took off from the gas pump and has the pump still on the side," Pablo is heard telling his wife in the video. "Man, look at that. Honk at him."

The couple tried to catch up to the officer to let him know about the pump, but lost him on the highway. Paula called authorities to inform them the officer was cruising around with the gas pump. 

A spokesperson for the Police Department released the following statement:

The fuel pump is from one of the City of San Antonio fueling stations. All police vehicles can only be refueled at a city owned facility. The nozzles are designed to break away from the hose and the gas line instantly shuts down in the event that someone accidentally drives off. The nozzle was quickly reattached to the hose and there was no gas leak or other issues. The officer will not punished as this was only an accident.

"I thought it was funny," Pablo said. "I was surprised it was there."

Because the video has drawn some negative comments, the Carmona family wanted to be clear they are supporters of the police force.

"Whenever we need them (SAPD officers), they’re there," Pablo said. "It wasn’t to poke fun,or to ridicule or to call anyone out. It was just something that we’ve never seen before -- an out-of-the-ordinary occurrence."

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