KKK flyers targeting interracial couples left in Houston area neighborhood

A sense of unease crept through a Highlands neighborhood after what appeared to be Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers were left on several lawns. The flyers were placed in plastic Zip-close bags, along with small rocks to ensure the papers didn't blow away.

One flyer extolled the virtues of joining the Klan, while another spoke out against homosexuals and interracial couples.

Terry Huestis said he tried to gather up and throw away several of the flyers before his neighbors saw them

"It's the right thing to do," Huestis said. “I just didn’t want anybody else seeing them. I don’t know, just ridiculous. In this day and age, this should be over with.”

Unfortunately, some neighbors did see the flyers. A resident who asked not to be identified said her teenage grandson found the flyer and burned it before she got home.

“They just couldn’t believe something like this was going, and then in the neighborhood also, because they feel so safe here," said the woman.

Another neighbor who found a flyer on the front lawn told KPRC, “If you’re going to be racist, at least spell check before you start recruiting. Ignorant and stupid is a bad combo.”

KPRC called a number listed on the flyer. It’s a North Carolina number that has a KKK recruitment message.

A website listed on the flyer goes to a KKK recruitment page that links to a P.O. box in North Carolina.

Three weeks ago, similar Klan recruitment flyers were found littering a Texas City neighborhood.

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Neighbors don’t like the sense of unease this has created in their otherwise peaceful lives.

“I’ve always felt safe here, always, and now, you know, look around and see who else is in the neighborhood, or who else is watching," a resident said.

No one saw who distributed the flyers, but several people told KPRC they plan to file reports with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office on Monday.