Dead sharks dumped at Florida park

3 sharks found at Kennedy Point Park in Titusville

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – Three juvenile bull sharks were recently dumped at a Titusville park on the Indian River, according to Florida wildlife officials.

The fish kill hotline recently received a report about a possible wildlife violation at Kennedy Point Park in Titusville, hotline coordinator Cat Brown told News 6.

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At least three sharks, each about 2-feet long, were dumped next to the Indian River. Florida Fish and Wildlife officials removed the sharks from the shore Thursday afternoon.

There is a limit of one shark per person, per day, according to recreational fishing regulations.

Officers said the carcasses hadn't been left there for too long.


Fishermen at Kennedy Point who spoke to News 6 Thursday were saddened by the news.


"It just shows that some people don't really care about them and they're just killing them just to kill them, not to eat them or for sport," fisherman Alex Messer said.


“If you don’t want them, you need to release them. Don’t just dump them on the shore to die,” a Brevard resident posted  Thursday on a Titusville Facebook group.

FWC confirmed that the photo (above) posted to Facebook shows the sharks at the Titusville park.

Officials are seeking any information about the incident. People can call the fish kill hotline at 800-636-0511.

Kennedy Point Park
Kennedy Point Park


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