Restaurant Report Card: Slime found in ice machine

1,000 pounds of ice covered in slime thrown out at one restaurant

HOUSTON – "Slime in the ice machine" was a big problem in restaurants this week.

The bugs were buggin' at the Cheesecake Factory in the 1400 block of Bay Area Boulevard. Gnats were spotted flying in the bar area. The staff will need to get rid of them.

The remains of dead roaches were found near the grease trap at Buck's Pizza in the 900 block of El Dorado Boulevard. Workers were told to clean up the floor area to remove all the dead vermin.

At Jimmy Johns in the 2500 block of Bagby Street, 200 pounds of ice had to be thrown out because of slime. Pink and yellow slime were found in the ice machine. That machine has to be cleaned inside and out.

At Cafe Ginger in the 1900 block of West Gray, more ice had to be chucked because of slime. This time, there were 400 pounds of ice. Lemons and lettuce were also covered in slime.

Danton's Gulf Coast Seafood in the 4600 block of Montrose Boulevard was also hit by slime. About 1,000 pounds of ice were thrown out after being found covered in slime.

The Barbecue Inn in the 100 block of Crosstimbers had perfect grades this week in its flawless report card.