Students suffer minor injuries after school bus crash in southwest Houston

9 people taken to hospital

HOUSTON – A car, an SUV and a school bus left one big mess and sent nine people to the hospital Monday. It happened at the intersection of Rampart and Bissonet streets at the beginning of the busy rush hour.

Witnesses, including Elizabeth Carpentir, said the driver of a silver Toyota FJ Cruiser came barreling down Rampart and ran into a maroon car and pushed it into the school bus operated by Agurcia Delmy Bus Services. Carpentir was driving a second school bus that she said was hit first by the Cruiser before it crashed into the car.

"He slammed her and kept pushing her and pushing her," Carpentir said. "She started pushing on the brake to stop, but I don't know what was wrong with him."

The driver eventually stopped, but not until the car was left mangled and sandwiched between the two other vehicles. Carpentir was one of several people who ran to the first bus to offer help to the children on board.

"Some of them were crying. A lot of them were holding their head," she said. "The bus driver was just in shock."

Paramedics transported nine people to the hospital. That number included four students on the school bus, two children and one adult in the maroon car and two people in the Cruiser. None of the injuries were serious.?

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