Teen rewarded with $100 for his kindness at the counter

KATY, Texas – A small act of kindness is coming back tenfold for an employee who paid for a child's custard who didn't have enough money.

Eighteen-year-old Travis Sattler has been working at Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers for about a year. Last week, a little  boy walked up to the counter at the Katy restaurant and ordered dessert after he and his mom finished their meal. Travis was manning the register.

"Once I told him his total he was fumbling around with his change (and) all of his money, counting it all, and then he just hands everything to me. It wasn't enough," says Travis Sattler.

So Sattler pulled out his own wallet and swiped his credit card to buy the concrete, a frozen yogurt dessert. The little boy was shocked.

"(He had) a massive smile (and) the widest eyes (when he) ran back to his mom and told her what happened," says Sattler.

As the little boy and his mother were leaving, they handed Travis a note that read: "Thank you for trying to pay for my concrete, you are such a nice person we need more people like you."

And wrapped up in that note was a $100 bill.

"I am currently paying my way through nursing school so that will definitely help with that," says Sattler.

His boss couldn't be more proud.

"There is a lot of good still out there no matter what we hear, especially in our young folks, we have a number of them here, Travis being one of them," says Padden Nelson, Freddy's director of operations.

"Look out for each other and help out when you can," says Sattler.

Travis says the president of the company also contacted him and is sending him something in the mail. Travis says he is looking forward to receiving that package.