Dick Deguerin speaks about Durst's legal situation

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HOUSTON – Robert Durst appears to be in the middle of a legal tug of war between California, where he faces a first-degree murder charge, and Louisiana, where he's being detained on gun and drug charges.

"Why Louisiana would want to keep him is a mystery," said Dick DeGuerin, Durst's attorney.

Durst's defense attorney, Dick DeGuerin, would rather his client be in California.
For now Louisiana has Durst and isn't showing signs that it's willing to give him up any time soon.

"The problem that I see is that the charges in Louisiana are minor in comparison to what they have him charged with in California."

But the longer Durst stays in Louisiana, the more time DeGuerin thinks California has to build its case.

Durst is accused of killing friend and crime writer, Susan Berman, 15 years ago.
At the moment, DeGuerin doesn't think prosecutors have much -- other than what was broadcast in the HBO documentary, "The Jinx."

"Anybody would be a fool to believe there's not a connection between the final episode of the series and the arrest of Mr Durst," DeGuerin said.

Robert Durst continues to be treated and supervised at a a special facility for his mental condition 70 miles outside New Orleans.

In the meantime Durst being hit with more allegations. DeGuerin dismissed all those as false, saying Robert Durst is an easy target.

"There's no evidence. There's no linkage. Maybe the next thing we'll hear is he's responsible for the death of Jimmy Hoffa," DeGuerin said.

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