Well-known Houston rapper recovering at home after being attacked

HOUSTON – A well-known Houston area rapper known as "Doughbeezy" is recovering at home after being attacked.

Houston police say everything started Tuesday night at a home in 2100 block of Roy Street in the Heights.

Police say a man, who has identified himself as "Doughbeezy," was visiting a friend at the home with a couple of would-be robbers showed up and starting fighting with them.

Doughbeezy says he was hit in the face with a gun and posted the picture of his injuries on Instagram Wednesday afternoon.

Police say while this was going on, Dwan Banks, was pulling into her drive and witnessed everything.

Dougheezy wrote on Instagram, "My life was almost taken from me last night. Nothing or no one but God was watching over me, I'm suppose to be dead."

Doughbeezy says he was able to break free from a brief moment and grabbed his gun from his trunk.

Police say the man who was pistol whipped able to shoot and kill one of the suspects but the second suspect involved ran away. However, officers in the area managed to locate that suspect, identified as 23-year-old, Marquez Heckard, at a nearby Wendy's.

Banks was not hurt and her children who were with her at the time didn't suffer any injuries.

The suspect, Heckard, faces several charges including, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated robbery.

As for Doughbeezy, a spokesperson released this statement to Local 2: Doughbeezy is currently declining all interviews or requests for information. Any additional statements will be made by him or his attorney when they feel it is necessary.

As Doughbeezy recovers at home, we ask that you keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

As for the investigation, police are still working to determine if the home was targeted or if this was a random attack.