Consultant for fight scenes helps Houston women find inner strength

Avital Zeisler of Soteria Method focuses on self-defense, empowerment, fitness

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HOUSTON – A Hollywood television and film consultant for fight scenes recently came to Houston to help women find some inner strength.

Avital Zeisler, founder and lead instructor of The Soteria Method, focuses on self-defense, empowerment and fitness.

Zeisler is a classically trained ballerina-turned tough-as-nails fighter. She served as a trainer for the NBC show "The Blacklist," teaching skills to the show's lead character, Megan Boone.

But for Zeisler, this is not just a job or a hobby -- this is about survival.

"I'm teaching them Soteria Method. It's a method of self-defense that I developed from my own personal experience of overcoming a sexual assault," said Zeisler.

The class in Houston was held for 40 women who all live at The Women's Home, a residential treatment facility.

"To be able to be listened to, to be able to do what I need to do to be successful and to be stable is wonderful," said resident Dolly Williams.

Williams is from San Antonio and has dealt with drug abuse and homelessness for more than 20 years.

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