Baytown man records ordeal plane crash


HOUSTON – Two men whose plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico are sharing what they saw as they waited to be rescued.

In September, Ted Wright and Raymond Fosdick's plane went down and caught fire in the Gulf of Mexico.

Wright, the pilot, shot the video moments after they survived the crash.

"We just had a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico and the iPad survived thanks to the LifeProof case," he said.

Fosdick, Wright's best friend, had been in the passenger seat.

The two were flying from Texas to Sarasota, Fla., when smoke and flames filled the cabin two hours into the flight.

"The actual plummeting from the sky and all of that element wasn't a big deal. Neither of us was screaming and, you know, there was no praying," Fosdick said.

Just before the plane went down, Fosdick grabbed flotation equipment and the iPad.

They remained calm as they recorded the call for help. Three hours in and just before nightfall would have made a rescue close to impossible, but then their luck changed. The Coast Guard pulled them to safety.

Both men said they will fly again. Fosdick's wife, however, isn't so crazy about that idea.