‘What’s the point?’ Houstonians share reasons why they choose not to vaccinate

Some people are still not convinced about the covid-19 vaccine

HOUSTON – There are many reasons why people choose not to get vaccinated. Some say their doctor recommended they wait. Others are simply scared of needles.

On Facebook, thousands responded within a couple of hours when KPRC2 posed the question: “Why are some of you choosing not to get vaccinated? Has your doctor addressed your concerns?”

An ongoing research project by Kaiser Family Foundation tracking Americans’ attitudes towards the vaccine found that 14% of us will “definitely not” get the vaccine – ever.

Another 16%, according to the surveys – which use responses from thousands of Americans on a regular basis – will “wait and see” or will only get the vaccine if they have to, say, for work.

“I was scared because I don’t like shots,” said Ladeja Leech on Friday after getting the shot.

Leech was also pregnant much of the year and recently gave birth. Many of her friends, she said, are still not ready.

“Just being scared, that’s really it,” she said. “I think a lot of people are just scared cause it’s new.”

One comment on the KPRC 2 Facebook post about vaccinations, approved by more than 600 others by Friday afternoon, said: “I personally am petrified of needles.”

Many others said they were satisfied with the natural immunity that comes from the virus and didn’t think they needed extra protection offered by the vaccine.

“I can still get sick and have to wear the mask – what’s the point?” asked one woman.

A half dozen or so people said their doctor recommended they wait, in some cases due to an underlying health condition. Some said they would wait for full FDA approval.

“I was waiting,” said Eduardo Jorge after getting the shot. “I work so much.”

Jorge and his son Isaiah admitted other family members forced them to come in to get the shot on Friday.

“You could see on social media that there’s a lot of people having side effects,” said Jorge.