UTMB Galveston unveils triage facilities to help combat COVID-19 pandemic

GALVESTON, Texas – On Thursday, the University of Texas Medical Branch unveiled two medical tents in which they will conduct triage to face the rise of COVID-19 cases in Galveston County.

Chad Connally, RN, BSN, emergency manager for UTMB, explained that the triage system is set up so that anyone potentially infected with coronavirus can be kept separated from other patients.

Anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be isolated in a separate section of the emergency department, Connally said.

The facilities will go active in two phases beginning Friday morning at 7 a.m., hospital officials said. The first tent is for screening all patients who come to the UTMB Emergency Department. The second will only be activated if the situation worsens, in which case it will be used as a secondary triage area for cases other than those associated with COVID-19.

Connally said this is in alignment with the medical center’s dedication to the health and safety of all their patients.

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