‘Big Red Safety Box' helping families with autistic children; How to apply for your own

The contents of the National Autism Association's Big Red Safety Box. (National Autism Association)

DES MOINES, Iowa – One of the biggest fears of parents with autistic kids is that they will wander away.

Now those families can find some peace of mind from the National Autism Association.

The so-called “Big Red Safety Box” is a free-of-charge toolkit for autism families, which includes an alert wristband, a shoe identification tag and wireless door and window alarms. The kit helps not only with prevention, but also response efforts and education. 

"It helps (your community) become aware that maybe there is a child with autism…and it also gives them tips and strategies to help that child in case that they would wander away from a family member or a parent," Leslie Rogers, an autism clinical manager, said. 

Over the last five years, the National Autism Association has shipped more than 40,000 of the Big Red Safety Boxes. You can apply on the association's website here.