Souping: What is the new fad diet and how does it work?

HOUSTON – Have you considered going on a soup diet? 

As a general rule, this is a diet you follow one day a week -- eat all soup -- then every other day of the week swap only lunch or dinner with a high protein soup.

Many people report bloating, so you want to avoid high-sodium soups and if the bloating is caused by fiber, your body can eventually adjust but if you find the right mix of nutrients -- soup may help you with weight loss!

A study by NIH showed that soup can help you lose weight and reduce your waistline. For successful weight loss, authors of "Eat This, Not That" say the soup should have at least 30 grams of protein and be less than 370 calories and be nutrient-dense, meaning you want to add lots of fruits and vegetables.

Barbara Rolls, an expert in energy density and satiation, found that eating soup as an appetizer can reduce calorie intake by 20%. 

Don't know which soup can help? 

Try gazpacho! A study by the University of Barcelona shows it can lower blood pressure and reduce hypertension.  

“Souping” was a top 10 food trend on Pinterest last year. 

To get a jump start, look into Splendid Spoon or Soupure. Splendid Spoon provides ready-to-make soups that can replace meals for five days a week.

Soups do have different amounts of calories, so choose carefully.