Tips for how to deal with bloating

HOUSTON – Bloating is an extremely common condition that can signal a range of issues from hormonal to bad diet or even certain cancers.

Dr. Megan Pallister with Kelsey-Seybold said bloating bothers a lot of women. Hormone changes, water retention or even too much salt is the most common reason for the symptom, she said.

“We will recommend hormonal medications like birth control pills, you can even take your birth control pills continuously so that you don't have the hormonal shifts, you can try diets that can help with bloating, decreased salt, decreased certain types of sugars can make it worse and increasing your water intake actually helps to get rid of some of the salt,” Pallister said are ways to cure the symptom.

One thing she advises against is masking symptoms with over-the-counter drugs.

“It can affect your water intake, it can affect your electrolytes and they can kind of falsely give you a better sense things are going OK,” Pallister said.

Instead, Pallister recommends talking to your doctor to rule out irritable bowel syndrome, ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts or colon cancer.

“If you read the internet it can be associated with a lot of different menstrual disorders and ovarian cancer but it's not something that is very specific to those things,” Pallister said.