DIY hair secrets your grandmother knew all along

Wouldn't you know the secret to achieving perfect hair could be right in your refrigerator or bathroom. Mothers and grandmothers have been preaching this for decades, why spend a fortune on hair when mayonnaise and other products work the same?

At a salon in River Oaks, Mason Luisant, stylist Trey Gillen talks about cheap ways to achieve the best waves.

First, he says everyone needs a moisturizer. Putting in mayonnaise and then rinsing out with a conditioner is good for moisturizing.

"Olive oil, eggs and vinegar," Gillen said about the condiment's ingredients, "Vinegar based products are great for your hair because they're going to seal your cuticle, less frizz. The egg white gives elasticity and anti-breakage to your hair. Olive oil is moisturizing, nourishing, adds slip and shine to your hair so you just can't go wrong with putting mayo in your (hair)."

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Gillen says an at-home hair mask you can do is mix a tablespoon of honey, avocado or coconut oil, then mayo.

Other vinegar-based products, like apple cider vinegar, or natural remedies for detangling, softness and it helps with dandruff.

For another dandruff solution, Gillen says mix 1/3 of a spray bottle with water and 2/3 Listerine.

He said original Listerine works on dandruff, use it for 20 minutes to an hour only on the scalp and then rinse. Any longer could dry your hair.

What about using Coca-Cola for beach waves?

"It was made famous by the supermodel Suki Waterhouse," Gillen said. "You don't put conditioner, you don't put shampoo or anything, you just rinse it out."

Carolyn said it could work for some hair types if you're on a tight budget, but prefers salt sprays that do not actually have any salt.

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"If you're doing keratin or Brazilian blowout type treatments, you cannot put salt in your hair, it removes the solution out of your hair in like a month and it's supposed to last for months, right?" Gillen said. "My favorite beach spray is called Ocean Mist by Sachajuan because it's a rice base, not a salt base."

For people with curly hair, Gillen's secret ingredient in his DIY curl crème is flaxseed.

DIY hair creme

#DIY hair treatments! What are some at-home treatments you've tried in your hair? Mayo? Coke? It's a real thing! Check out this inexpensive salon secret from Trey Gillen, a stylist at Maison Luisant. I have a report with him tomorrow morning KPRC2 / Click2Houston at 5 & 6AM where he spills on trends that you should and shouldn't do with your do! Watch this one for an easy frizz serum! #curlyhair #Houstonhair #healthandwellness #KPRC2

Posted by KPRC2 Haley Hernandez on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It did not take long for the model using the flaxseed concoction in this report to feel a difference and get a compliment!

"He was like 'hey did you do something different to your hair?'" Arreonah Moran said someone asked right after shooting this story. "I was like 'Yes, it's flaxseed!'"