Fabulous at 50: Top 10 beauty secrets

KPRC's Dominique Sachse reveals her top 10 beauty secrets -- from makeup products to skin care and hair.

You might not have known your hair changes as you age.

Here are some beauty secrets to help you stay fabulous at 50:

1.  Skin care needs, time to see a dermatologist.  Retin-A and Glycolic acid combo to plump skin and help exfoliate.  Don’t forget your neck, chest and hands and wear a hat when outdoors to prevent sun spots and discoloration.

2.  Use Primer under foundation to minimize pores, and adjust foundation to suit your changing skin, usually you need a more dewy finish for drier skin.  I’m using Maybelline New York Master Prime by Facestudio Blur + Smooth 100 as my primer.

3.  Under eye concealer needs, as the skin starts to crepe: Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer- my top pick!

4.  Avoid shimmery eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks. They just settle into the lines. Only use shimmer on the eye lid for a more dramatic look at night.

5.  Dark lipstick colors can be aging.  Start to go lighter in shades. I like Maybelline’s Stormy Sahara #945

6.  Give yourself a mini-facelift by proper use of contouring and highlighting. Blend well, no stripes!  Anastasia makes a good highlight and contour kit.

7.  Hair gets drier and thinner.  Invest in good conditioners and plumping mousses for volume and include supplements for hair, skin and nails into your daily regimen.  Hotze Health & Wellness Center’s Biotin supplement, Caviar CC Cream 10 in 1 Complete Correction Leave-In Hair Perfector, Schwartzkopf’s got 2b fat-tastic thickening plumping mousse.

As we get older, go a little lighter in hair color for a lift instead of darker.

8.  Eat healthy and shop the perimeter of the grocery store, where’s there’s plenty of produce and lean protein.  Exercise is key to keeping our muscles and bones strong.

9.  Invest in rest. As hormones change, we struggle with sleep. Research natural sleep aids, like Melatonin if needed, and minimize electronics exposure before bedtime. No bigger beauty saboteur than lack of sleep!  Stress-Relax Tranquil Sleep 5-HTP, Suntheanine & melatonin tablets

10.  Get beautiful on the inside. Pray, meditate and fulfill yourself spiritually for a natural external glow.

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Posted by KPRC2 / Click2Houston on Wednesday, November 9, 2016