Looking for bread and meat? These Houston-area small businesses have you covered...and they deliver!

HOUSTON – The coronavirus pandemic is affecting just about everyone but small business owners may be some of the hardest hit right now.

Three Brothers Bakery is known for its specialty cakes, among other things. But, specialty cakes are suddenly no longer in high demand.

“It’s hurting us bad right now,” said co-owner Robert Jucker. “We’ve had quite a few people cancel events, weddings, parties, all kinds of stuff.”

But Jucker noticed an increase in people stocking up on their fresh bread, and the store is trying to make it as easy as possible for customers.

“If you call in an order, we’ll have it ready for you,” Jucker said. “We’ll take it out to your car.”

Logan Farms Honey-Glazed Hams is also a locally-owned business. Jim Logan’s father started the company in 1984.

“We’re a small, family-owned company,” Logan said. “So hits like this affect us majorly.”

Logan farms’ dine-in area is closed, but Logan says they have plenty of ham, Cajun and smoked turkeys, smoked brisket and ribs fully cooked, and frozen steaks ready to cook.

“We’re most concerned about our employees,” Logan said about the sudden drop in business. “We want to be able to take care of them. Make payroll.”

Logan Farms can deliver through DoorDash and GrubHub, and of course, you can pick up online orders in person.

“We’re taking all the precautions we can for COVID-19,” Logan said.