Actor Terry Crews, rockstar Alice Cooper among several celebrities coming to Comicpalooza this July

From the ‘9th Doctor’ to Alice Cooper: See who’s coming to Comicpalooza in 2022

Comicpalooza is bringing diverse guests this year from celebrities, to anime voice actors. (Comicpalooza/Houston First/KPRC)

HOUSTON – The list of special guests is growing this year as Comicpalooza, Texas’ largest comic book convention will take place at George R. Brown Convention Center this July16-17.

Attendees will have a chance to meet a diverse number of guests spanning from celebrities, to comic book writers and artists, to anime voice actors.

Comicpalooza announced on June 8 that photo-ops and autographs are now available for purchase online. Click here to learn more, and save money when you arrive!

**AUTHOR’S NOTE: This list will update every week as new guests are added prior to the date of the convention.

Who’s coming to Comicpalooza this year? Scroll down below!


Terry Crews | Appearing July 16-17

Action movie star, children’s book illustrator and sitcom star Terry Crews will stop by Comicpalooza this year! The three-time People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” has starred in several sitcoms such as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Are We There Yet?”

Alaqua Cox | Appearing July 16-17

Alaqua Cox is best known for her role as Maya Lopez/Echo in the Disney+ series “Hawkeye.”

Alice Cooper | Appearing July 16-17

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Alice Cooper is best known as the “architect of shock-rock,” according to his bio. You may recognize him from one of his iconic songs, “School’s Out.”

Edward James Olmos | Appearing July 16-17

Los Angeles native Edward James Olmos is an actor and musician with numerous gigs such as “Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D.” and “Battlestar Galactica.” Olmos is also known for his role as Jaime Escalante in “Stand and Deliver.”

Antony Starr | Appearing July 16-17

Star of “The Boys” and “Banshee,” Antony Star has won numerous international awards for his acting in several TV shows and movies.

Top left: Alice Cooper, Adam Cole, Christopher Eccleston, Jackie Earl Haley, Robert Patrick, Edward James Olmos, Lance Reddick, Kyle MacLachlan (Comicpalooza/Houston First/KPRC)

Jackie Earle Haley | Appearing July 16-17

Jackie Earle Haley is no stranger to the thriller genre. You may know him for his role as “Rorschach” in the movie “Watchmen,” and for taking on the iconic Freddy Kruger in the 2010 remake “A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

Adam Cole | Appearing July 16-17

All-Elite Wrestling star Adam Cole made his debut in wrestling back in September 2021.

Adam “Hangman” Page | Appearing July 16-17

“Hangman” Adam Page is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling and is the current world champion in his first reign, defeating Kenny Omega.

Robert Patrick | Appearing July 16-17

Robert Patrick has worked with some of the top actors and directors in movies for the past 20 years, according to his bio. He had a breakout role in “Terminator 2″and worked on iconic films such as “Die Hard 2″ and “Spy Kids.”

Lance Reddick | Appearing July 16-17

Fans of “John Wick” will recognize Lance Reddick, known for his role as “Charon” in the series. He’s also played several TV and movie roles such as “American Horror Story” and “Godzilla vs. Kong.”

Christopher Eccleston | Appearing July 16-17

Christopher Eccleston has appeared in numerous action movies such as “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra,” “Thor: The Dark World,” and more. He is also known as the “Ninth Doctor” in the popular British series “Doctor Who.”

Kyle MacLachlan | Appearing July 16-17

According to his bio, acclaimed “Twin Peaks” actor Kyle MacLachlan has worked with several directors such as Oliver Stone, Alfonso Cuaron and many more. He’s played several roles in TV (”Portlandia,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Joe vs. Carole”) and in movies (”Inside Out,” “The Flintstones.”)

Ben Browder | Appearing July 16-17

Ben Browder is an actor, writer and director, with his career starting in Broadway and later towards TV roles, including the “Stargate” series.

Joe Flanigan | Appearing July 16-17

Joe Flanigan is well-known for numerous roles in the “Stargate” series, including Lt. Colonel Sheppard in “Stargate: Atlantis”

Michael Shanks | Appearing July 16-17

Best known as “Dr. Daniel Jackson” in “Stargate SG-1″ Michael Shanks was nominated for several awards over the years. He has also guest-starred in several other TV series.

Hale Appleman | Appearing July 16-17

Hale Appleman is best known for many TV roles, primarily in “The Magicians.” According to his bio, he graduated from the famed LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts.

Summer Bishil | Appearing July 16-17

Summer’s list of TV roles include Eliza Marquette in “iZombie,” Azula in “The Last Airbender” and Margo Hanson in “The Magicians.”

Olivia Taylor Dudley | Appearing July 16-17

Olivia Taylor Dudley has participated in movies such as “Paranormal Activity,” “The Vatican Tapes,” and more.

Comic book artists and literature

From left: Hailey Brown, Rags Morales, Stephanie Phillips (not pictured: Jock) (Comicpalooza/Houston First/KPRC)

Jock | Appearing July 16-17

Called an “exceptionally talented” artist, three-time New York TImes bestselling British artist Jock is famous for his work in comics such as “Batman: The Black Mirror,” and “Wytches.” He also worked on concept art for popular TV shows and films such as “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

Hailey “Ren” Brown | Appearing July 16-17

Hailey is best known as a colorist, illustrator, and sequential artist for various clients including the New York Times, Brink Literacy, and more.

Rags Morales | Appearing July 16-17

Rags has worked on countless titles such as “Batman/Superman,” “Hawkman,” other DC Comics titles. His first-ever was “Black Condor.”

Stephanie Phillips | Appearing July 16-17

A graphic novel writer, Stephanie worked on numerous titles such as “Harley Quinn,” “Wonderwoman,” and other DC Comics titles.

Anime and Gaming

From top left: Zach Aguilar, Chris Wehcamp, David Matranga. From bottom left: Trina Nishimura, Emily Neves, Justin Cook (Comicpalooza/Houston First/KPRC)

Zach Aguilar | Appearing July 16-17

Zach Aguilar started his career as a voice actor at 14. Many anime fans know him for his role as Tanjiro Kamado in “Demon Slayer” to Byleth in “Fire Emblem: Three Houses.”

Justin Cook | Appearing July 16-17

Justin has done a lot in the anime industry - from becoming a voice director and audio engineer to voice acting, representing roles in popular anime TV shows such as “My Hero Academia” to “Dragon Ball.”

Emily Neves | Appearing July 16-17

Emily Neves is a director, voice actor and script writer for many Anime series within Funimation Studios, Oktraton 5000 and Sentai Filmworks. Fans may remember her in “My Hero Academia,” “Dragon Ball Super,” and “Tokyo Ghoul.”

Trina Nishimura | Appearing July 16-17

Trina Nishimura is well known for her role as “Mikasa” in the popular anime series “Attack on Titan” among many others.

Chris Wehkamp | Appearing July 16-17

From anime voice acting to video games, Chris Wehkamp has the best of both worlds. He brought characters to life such as Katagawa Jr. in “Borderlands” and as Shouta Aizawa in “My Hero Academia.”

Carlos Ferro | Appearing July 16-17

Carlos Ferro is the voice behind Dominic Santiago in the popular video game “Gears of War.” He also gave his voice to several characters in games such as “Tomorrowland” and “Assassin’s Creed.”


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