Crystals and incense and wands -- oh my! Tap into your inner witch when you visit these enchanting Houston-area shops

Stop in for a spell . . .

Tarot cards (Pixabay)

Crazy about crystals? Dreaming of a new divination set? Do you harbor a deep-seated desire to consort with unknown forces? Or, are you merely occult-curious? Get a dose of mysticism with a trip to one of these Houston-area witchcraft stores.

Whether you’re an emerging occultist or you think mysticism is just a bunch of hocus-pocus, these shops are packed with plenty of curios, doodads and one-of-a-kind knick knacks to marvel at just for the fun of it.

The Magick Cauldron, Houston

A longtime Houston fixture serving the city’s pagan set, The Magick Cauldron bills itself as “Houston’s premier Pagan religious supplier.” A purveyor of all things occult, The Magic Cauldron offers everything from unusual herbs, custom incense, candles (some skull-shaped), talismans and crystals to well, actual cauldrons, Ouija boards, wands, alter pentacles, Tarot Cards, rune sets and even a 19th-century vampire hunting kit bearing a hefty price tag of $7,500. But hey, it’s a small price to pay for the power to vanquish vampires, right?

Not much for mysticism? The Magic Cauldron also carries jewelry, Renfest paraphernalia, Steampunk garb, armor and an array of medieval weaponry.

The Magick Cauldron is located at 2424 Montrose Blvd, Houston, (713) 523-0069,

The Witchery, Galveston

Whether you’re a window shopping Wiccan or merely an island tourist in search of a souvenir, The Witchery in Galveston is sure to satisfy. A speciality bookstore housed in the old “Central Drug Store” building in Galveston’s historic downtown district, The Witchery bills itself as a “purveyor of fine esoteric goods.” From entry-level paperbacks on spells to a handbook on how to decipher Tarot cards, the shop offers an emporium of texts on all-things enchanting. Here, you can also score unusual herbs, incense and even voodoo dolls.

Want some insight into the unknown? Consult with the shop’s psychics who are on site each Saturday and Sunday.

The Witchery is located at 2116 Postoffice St, Galveston, (409) 515-0669,

Thorn & Moon Apothecary

And for the internet-savvy occultist, we suggest a trip to Thorn & Moon Apothecary, a Houston-based Etsy shop stocked with the “finest magickal items and accoutrements."

“I charge each item with energy by the phase of the moon on the correlating astrological day and hour, blessed by the goddess during ritual, and imbued with light and the power of intent in each creation,” shop owners Thorn and Moon wrote on the website.

Shop Thorn & Moon Apothecary’s inventory here.

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