Things Houstonians say they can’t do without as they stay at home during coronavirus pandemic

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HOUSTON – After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended social distancing to help flatten the curve of the growing coronavirus pandemic, we asked Houstonians, what are some things they can’t do social distancing without?

Here are some of our viewers top responses:

- “I already don’t like people but I definitely need coffee,” Yuli Gutierrez said.

- “Sorry, I can, but I wish I had live sports to watch like the NBA,” Carolyn Baker said.

- “A marathon of TV shows to watch. Right now, I’m binging on NCIS New Orleans. Awesome show and 6 seasons! Woohoo,” Cynthia Townley said.

- “... my students. I love teaching and miss every one of them!” Regina List-Grace said.

- “Hugs, Must Run in the FAMILY. Stay Safe, Everyone. Love to you ALL,” Susan Oestmann said.

- “My kids, dog, food and the internet!!!” Kendra Neal said.

- “With out my husband,” Gladys Dean said.

- “Increasing my internet speeds because everyone working from home is throttling my bandwidth,” Mallory Carson Glenn said.

- “Snacks and lots of art supplies. With two kids, three and one, we can’t go without those,” Patricia Renteria-Garcia said.

- “Drinking wine and face timing my friends and family,” Tammy Koski Ryland said.

- “A full glass of wine in my hand,” Xenia Biggs said.

- “A front porch, a rocking chair, and neighbors across the street to yell to,” Carolyn Geraci said.

- “Delivery from Specs!” Yvonne Kohler Dacus said

- “Tequila and limes,” Lydia LeAnn said.

- “ Reading books or listening to audiobooks!” Jeanna Beale said.

- “Being in my PJ’s,” Linda Smith Ivey said.

- “Art supplies!” Joan Bondurant said.

- “My TV and Blue Bell Ice Cream!” Paula Alexander said.

- “Water, Food, Air. That’s all I need to survive. For my HUSBAND to survive me in quarantine, I need internet,” Sam Rangel said.

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