J.J. Watt wants this adorable Houston kid to be his ‘personal hype man’

HOUSTON – Houston Texans defensive end, J.J. Watt, has a pint-sized superfan with the energy of a stadium full of fans. "

The Texans won a playoff game against the Bills last weekend and one fan, in particular, was definitely more excited than the rest.

“He’s been a J.J. Watt fan before he could walk or talk,” said Ashandra Batiste-Cumby of her 6-year-old son, Logan.

Twitter user @RickyCumby posted a video of Logan on Jan. 4 after the Texans won.

“My son’s kind of a big @JJWatt fan lol!” he captioned.

In the video, adults tell the little boy that the Texans won. He begins cheering and screaming, “That’s what happens!" After screaming that a couple times, jumping and even lifting a chair over his head, the boy says, “That is what happens when you have J.J. Watt!”

Batiste-Cumby said her son’s energy and enthusiasm comes from watching the rest of the family who also love the team.

“I’ve never seen him like that," she said. “He’s always excited but this was like excitement to a whole new universe to see how excited he was over that win.”

The adorable video of the little superfan made it all the way to the Texans superstar, who retweeted the video with the caption, “I need this kid to be my personal hype man. Got me believing in myself, hyped up, ready to conquer the world. I gotta meet him.”

When Logan’s dad, Ricky Cumby, showed him Watt’s tweet, he felt the love in return.

“I went crazy,” Logan said. Cumby said having the Texans defensive end acknowledge his son along with the buzz it’s created on social media has been surreal.

“Just to see the love for the Texans, to give them more energy. It just makes me proud. Houston proud. It makes me very proud of my son and very proud of the city,” Cumby said.

We really hope these two get to meet each other soon!