A procrastinator’s guide to hacking holiday photo cards

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You’ve been procrastinating putting together your holiday photo cards since November. Now, you find yourself smack-dab in the middle of December and your relatives are anxiously waiting for those cute holiday photo cards your promised them weeks ago. Don’t panic. Here are some hacks to help you get your holiday cards designed and mailed out ASAP.

Text a family photo to Minted

Are you so crunched for time you don’t even have a moment to design a card? Worry not, Minted has you covered. When you text a family photo to 22737 and answer a few simple questions, the printing service will text you back with five unique holiday card designs styled with your photos and information - for free. Added bonus: Your holiday cards come with free envelopes and free recipient address printing styled to match your cards.

Let Shutterfly mail your cards for you

If you design your holiday cards using Shutterfly, you’ll get the option to skip some steps in the laborious Christmas card process. Save loads of time when you let the printing service mail your cards for you. Shutterfly will stuff, print, stamp and mail your envelopes so you don't have to. Pricing varies depending on what cards you design and how many you order but expect these cards to run you more than store bought alternatives. Prices range from around $1-3 per card. Plan to spend 99 cents more per card when you use Shutterfly’s mailing service. Once you design your card and enter recipient mailing address you can avoid an awful trip to the post office and scratch ‘Christmas cards’ off your to-do list.

Need photo cards fast? Try Walmart

If you need to get your hands on personalized holiday photo cards fast, try Walmart. They offer 1 hour pickup and same day pickup. Prices vary depending on the card design you select and how many cards you order but cards prices tend to stay under $1 per card. Keep in mind, Walmart’s printing quality varies greatly from store to store and doesn’t offer mailing services or recipient address printing, so you’ll have to stuff, address and mail your cards yourself. But, Walmart’s same-day printing options offers you the chance to get your personalized photo cards fast and for a much cheaper price than Shutterfly or Minted.

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