Here are 5 fast-food apps that save you time and money

HOUSTON – These days, every fast food restaurant has an app they want you to download, but before you put a bunch of clutter on your smartphone, you want to know what the apps can do for you.

Sure, most apps offer an initial freebie to entice you to download them. These five apps keep giving long after you install them, saving you time and money.

McDonald’s app

Before you drive under the golden arches, download the McDonald’s app. Not only will you get a free large fry just for the download, but you can also get large fries every Friday for $1 when you order them through the app.

You’ll almost always find a coupon you can use while waiting in the drive-thru line, like $3 off your $15 order. Just show the cashier the barcode in the app and you get the discount.

Chick-fil-A app

When I asked viewers to chime in with their favorite fast food apps on Facebook, the overwhelming majority raved about Chick-fil-A’s app because it’s so easy to earn free food. When you order through the app, you earn points with every purchase you can redeem for everything from cookies to cones to entrees.

Sonic Drive-In app

If your thirst is unquenchable, download the Sonic app. When you order through the app, it’s always happy hour. That means all drinks and slushes are always half-price!

Whataburger app

The Whataburger app gets the nod for saving time. News 2 viewer Mike Stockman says he uses it for curbside pick-up. Sometimes if the drive-thru line is long, he parks in a curbside spot, puts his order in on the app and his food is out to him before the people waiting at the drive-thru.

Toast Take out app

If you like to order food for delivery or pick-up, the Toast Take out app lets you schedule pick-up for local restaurants the same day or even the next day, and it lets you earn loyalty rewards.

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