Spencer Solves It: Prayers answered for Tarkington Prairie church with deteriorating roof

TARKINGTON PRAIRIE, Texas – At the Davis Hill Baptist Church in rural Tarkington Prairie in Liberty County, the faithful members of this little church firmly believe if you pray hard enough and long enough, God will answer your prayers.

For at least three years now, the members of this small community church have been praying for help getting their church’s roof fixed.

Whenever it rains, water streams right through the rotten, roof shingles and pours into the sanctuary. It is so bad that mushrooms and mold are now growing on the blackened ceiling tiles.

Church members have tried dozens of times over the years to patch the failing roof themselves, but it isn’t working.

And unlike many of the megachurches in Houston, in Tarkington Prairie, church members struggle every week just to keep the little church up and running financially.

So, with no insurance coverage to cover the replacement of the roof and no money to pay for a brand new roof, church members contacted Bill Spencer and the Spencer Solves It team for help.

“We have got to help these people. We have got to replace this old, rotten roof before it falls in on these good people,” Gene Lessman, the president of Lessman Roofing and Sheet Metal in Conroe, said.

Lessman and his hardworking crew of 10 roofers are hauling in hundreds of pounds of sheet metal, and over the next 12 to 20 hours, will be building and installing a brand new roof on the Davis Hill Baptist Church.

This is a job that would normally take a week to complete, but Lessman is bringing in enough men to knock this project out in less than two days.

“I am absolutely amazed that you guys are doing all of this for us. We asked God for help and sure enough, he heard us and has brought us you,” Doris Collier, a long-time church member said.

“Well, I can’t tell you how much we have needed this help and here you are, bringing it. This is going to protect our people and give our little church a whole new look,” Pastor Frank Borman said.

The total cost of putting this new roof on the church is estimated at $20,000, but Lessman has agreed to do the entire job for free.

Now, the congregation at Davis Hill can worship God every Sunday without worrying about the roof falling in on them: An answer to prayers for a group of very devout, good people.

“Thank you, Bill, and thank you, Gene, for saving our little church. We never doubted that our Lord would come through for us and answer our prayers,” C.W. Collier, one of the church members, said.