Loose dogs terrorizing residents in Spring neighborhood

SPRING, Texas – It did not take long to see a couple of unleashed dogs walking around the Five Oaks neighborhood in Spring on Friday.

According to residents, this is not a new problem, but it is getting worse. Most of the dogs that roam the street are not friendly. Some belong to people in the area, others are stray and wild.

"They bark, they growl; very vicious, some of them," said Darrell Maxwell, vice president of the homeowners association. "About two weeks ago my wife went out to pick up the trash pail and a very vicious dog came snarling its teeth at her."

Maxwell told Local 2 people are afraid to go outside. Just this week his neighbor became trapped in her car when an angry stray dog jumped on the hood and wouldn't stop growling. He said animal control has come out in the past but it doesn't appear to have done any good, all the dogs are back.

Now, he is making it his mission to protect the people who live here, especially the children.

Maxwell wants to warn everyone to be careful before venturing out and he is also hoping to get the county or city involved to help clean up this problem once and for all.

"There are a lot of children in this neighborhood and someone is going to get bit, I'm trying to prevent that."