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KPRC is dedicated to the community. Find out what is going on around town and where you might spot a Local 2 personality. Also, have a Local 2 anchor appear at your event.

Jennifer Reyna's Cold Water Challenge: Help raise money for charity!

On Tuesday, July 29, KPRC Local 2's own Jennifer Reyna is going to take the plunge into an icy dunk tank! That's only if enough of you make a donation to the Houston Fire Fighters Burned Children's…

Have a Local 2 Speaker at your event

Do you want to have a KPRC Local 2 anchor or reporter speak at your event?

TV listings: What's on KPRC Local 2

Find out what's on KPRC Local 2 with our channel guide.

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Watch the editorials from KPRC Local 2 Vice President and General Manager Jerry Martin.


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