Frank's Weather or Not: The Review, The Revelry and the Rescue

By Frank Billingsley - Chief Meteorologist

HOUSTON - You may have missed it, but yesterday celebrated National Umbrella Day! Around for 4,000 years, the Chinese first waterproofed the umbrella and now in our lifetime this most useful invention has its own app. Who'd have thought? The Weatherman Umbrella, created by meteorologist Rick Reichmuth is, all in all, a great umbrella: strong, durable, variety of colors, all that.

The umbrella comes with a battery operated disc that you bluetooth to your smartphone (Iphone or Android) after downloading the Weatherman app:

The disc inserts into the inside of the umbrella:

And voila, you can now track the umbrella on your phone! Did you leave it in the closet? the car? at work? Your phone will find it! AND the app will give you the forecast to remind you when to "grab an umbrella" as I always say:

All very high tech and probably more than you need from an umbrella, but I applaud anyone who thinks up things like this! Full disclosure: They sent me my umbrella for FREE. If you want one it will run you $59 to $89 and you can find out more here. The only downside for me is that having the insert disc always on and my phone's GPS location turned on, my phone power was getting eaten down. I have enough umbrellas all over the place that I don't really need to track one. BUT, still a really cool idea! Thanks, Rick!


As promised, perfect weather for the Houston Ballet Gala last Saturday night and just as beautiful was the decor and my tablemates:

A good time was had by all! And while we're admiring the couple above, sneak preview for Valentine's Day is partly cloudy and mild!


Finally, The Houston Humane Society is waiving fees for kittens and cats and 1/2 off on select dogs February 4-17. Come's time for a furry forever friend!!

See you here Wednesday and feel free to make this blog a FAVORITE. In the meantime, watch for rain tonight and overnight, but the sun returns tomorrow and I can't wait!!


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