Frank's Weather or Not: Warm Hearts and Getting Warmer!

By Frank Billingsley - Chief Meteorologist


HOUSTON - Valentine's Day has arrived again and talk about warm hearts...highs in the mid 70s with sunshine tomorrow! Looking at the NWS Climate Data for February 14 shows us this:

You'll notice last year shows up as one of the warmest on record with no recent cold snaps. In fact, I did a quick little research and found the following over the past 5 years for highs and lows:

2014:  78° and 39°

2015:  78° and 43°

2016:  79° and 41°

2017:  69° and 52°

2018:  80° and 52°

One of my previous blogs talked about our past very warm years and today I received an interesting email from ClimateNexus. They have a study where basically they ask if a certain city continues reduced vs. high emisions, what will that city's climate be like in 2080? Here's the study.

But to save you time, the bottom line is this: If Houston continues with reduced emissions, then our climate in 2080 will be like Kingsville's is today:

And if we continue a path of High emissions then we end up with a climate in 2080 that is more like Mexico's today:

This study was done for 540 cities and the link for those is here.


Speaking of warm, a quick look to the end of the month based on the GFS (American Model), I see no low temperatures in Houston below 40°! There may be an exception, but it sure looks to me like spring is here to stay. Way to go Groundhog!! Look for a rainy period the end of the month.

And that brings me to Sunday's Galveston Marathon. Your run looks to have temps in the 60s, mostly cloudy skies and light southwest winds. Enjoy!


Last but not least, a shout out to my Valentine, Kevin Gilliard. It's been a long nine months for us with my cancer fight and he's been there every second. Love through thick and thin is what counts!

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