Frank's Weather or Not: Earth Day and a Frankiversary!

By Frank Billingsley - Chief Meteorologist

Houston, TX - First, let's just get this out of the way: Young adults come up to me all the time and say "I've watched you my whole life!" and if they are thirty or under, they just might have. I began my weather career in 1982 and first appeared on Houston TV April 22, 1989. I've been weathercasting for the good folks of southeast Texas now for an even 30 years! 


I can honestly say that Houston's weather is THE most interesting to forecast across the nation. We don't just have one thing, like tornado alley, or Pacific coast fog, or lake-effect snow. We have a little bit of everything all year long: winter weather, summer weather, severe weather, extreme weather, gorgeous weather (thank you, last weekend!). You name it and we pretty much experience it at some point! That makes a weathercaster's dream come true! So THANK YOU for putting up with me for three decades.


How appropriate I would start forecasting Earth's weather in Houston on Earth Day!

NASA reminds us to acknowledge Ocean Day, also---after all, there is more water than land!

First started in 1970, April 22nd was chosen as Earth Day as a pragmatic matter: the day is between Spring Break and Final Exams, and since the first Earth Days were geared toward college students, this was the perfect non-interfering day. And it's after Passover and Easter, so no issues there. I haven't seen much today in the news about Earth Day as a number of events have already occurred. We have a wonderful story on Click2Houston touring one of the most eco-friendly buildings in the USA, right here


And don't forget to look UP tonight. Between the sun going down and the moon coming up there is a short late-evening window of darkness to see this year's Lyrid Meteor shower. 


The Lyrids have been seen for 2,600 years and offer the first meteor sightings all year. Good luck--a few clouds will be around but we should still have some nice viewing. More on tonight's shower from EarthSky right here.


You may have seen my Facebook Post last week where I found the perfect no-crowd window to get my car washed:


That was Thursday morning after the rain stopped and you may have the same chance THIS Thursday as we are looking for showers and storms late Wednesday into the overnight Thursday. The timing will likely change a bit so stay Weather Aware for mid-week. Speaking of which, that timing looks like it will be just fine for my Wednesday morning Golf Tournament!


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