Tropical Depression #2 becomes Tropical Storm Barry

Storm is over open water and strengthening.

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Tropical Depression 2 emerged into the Bay of Campeche overnight and has become Tropical Storm Barry.  Hurricane hunter aircraft flying into the storm this afternoon detected a 40 mph sustained wind, which is the minimum threshold for tropical storm status.

The big high pressure system that is giving our area a touch of summer will continue to steer Barry toward the west. On the forecast track it will make landfall in the coastal state of Veracruz on Thursday. The warm water of the Gulf and relatively favorable wind environment should allow the storm to maintain tropical storm strength until it is onshore.  The government of Mexico has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for coastal areas around the Bay of Campeche.

While the winds and therefore storm surge are not forecast to be significant, the storm will likely produce heavy rainfall and the possibility of flash floods and mudslides over the mountainous terrain inland over Mexico tomorrow and Friday.

Tropical Storm Barry poses no impact on Texas weather.

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