'Tonight's Finale: A somber Spring night in Boston'

Celestial view of shattered city in wake of tragedy

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I just wanted to share this photo taken by Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut aboard the International Space Station. Hadfield tweeted this picture of Boston Monday night as seen from the ISS with the words "Tonight's Finale: A somber Spring night in Boston." Hadfield is currently living in space aboard the ISS as commander of Expedition 35. The photo provides us with a very different vantage point as our hearts go out to our friends in Boston.

Just last week, I was with the students of Mary Marek Elementary School as they spoke to the astronauts on the ISS through our live KPRC satellite feed. Students asked questions to Expedition 35 flight engineers Tom Marshburn and Chris Cassidy. It was an unforgettable experience and the phone call of a lifetime for the students.

Expedition 35 began March 15 and ends May 14. This expedition aboard the orbiting laboratory continues to take advantage of the space station's unique microgravity environment and expand the scope of research. The crew will perform experiments that cover human research, biological and physical sciences, technology development and Earth observations. Astronauts will work with new experiments, including the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) Cell Mechanosensing and the Canadian Space Agency's Microflow experiment, the first miniaturized blood-cell counter in microgravity.

As they're doing all of this right now in space, these astronauts are also giving us a unique and rare perspective of our planet and especially Boston as they orbit earth more than 200 miles away.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Boston.

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