The Hawk has Landed!

Nice Museum Addition!

By Frank Billingsley - Chief Meteorologist
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HOUSTON - We always hear about the brave men and women staffing the Hurricane Hunter airplanes and risking their lives to gather hurricane data---all of which is fed into computer models to give us the forecast.  Such data is vital to accuracy which is vital to warnings.  Last year, NASA introduced Global Hawks which remotely fly above the tops of hurricanes to collect even more important data.  Now you and your children can get a hands on look at a Global Hawk model soon on display at The Weather Museum of Houston located at 5104 Caroline in the Museum District. 

"This is a wonderful addition to the nation's first Weather Museum.   The model will be housed in the Museum's history room to demonstrate to museum visitors how advances in technology help observe and provide data for a better understanding of hurricanes", stated meteorologist, Jill F. Hasling.  

The display is expected to be open for public viewing by May 15, 2013.

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