Texas, southwestern U.S. facing brutally hot weekend.

Hottest stretch of summer weather is under way from Texas to California.

By Eric Braate - Weather Executive Producer
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HOUSTON - Temperatures this weekend will be brutally hot in parts of Texas and the desert Southwest, thanks to a strong ridge of high pressure that has been expanding over the region over the past few days.  The ridge will push Houston to the 100 degree mark for the first time this summer.  The record high for Houston is 103 degrees, but we aren't expected to reach that.  Thanks to a north wind over the weekend that will inhibit a sea breeze, though, Galveston could very possibly reach its record of 95 both Saturday and Sunday.

The most intense heat will be in the desert southwest.  Highs in Las Vegas and Phoenix will make it to between 115 and 120 degrees over the weekend.  The very HOTTEST weather will be in Death Valley, Calif, where highs are expected to be near 130 degrees through Monday!  If the forecast verifies, it will be the hottest temperature ever recorded in Death Valley in the month of June.  And, amazingly, it will be within a few degrees of the HOTTEST TEMPERATURE EVER RECORDED ON EARTH -- 134 degrees in Death Valley one hundred years ago on July 10, 1913.

The ridge of high pressure will migrate west over the weekend, bringing drier air and slightly cooler temperatures to Houston by Sunday.  The high temperature on Sunday will be near 97, which is still above normal for this time of year.

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