Slow-moving storm could bring 3 days of severe weather for Texas

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HOUSTON - A slow-moving storm system could bring three days of severe weather for Texas.

Southeast Texas will have a slight chance of rain and thunderstorms, but North Texas could be under severe weather threats this weekend. So if you are traveling in that direction, be prepared for bad weather conditions and maybe even delays.

The Storm Prediction Center is forecasting the possibility of super cell thunderstorms and strong tornadoes for parts of the of the Central and Southern Plains Saturday and Sunday and across the Mississippi Valley and Mid South on Monday.

For Saturday, West Central Texas will possibly see severe weather, including Abilene and Wichita Falls.

The storms will develop along a dry line, a boundary that separates moist air from the east and dry air from the west.

The storm system will also draw up warm, moist Gulf air that will help fuel the thunderstorms as it rises and becomes buoyant with the sun's help.

Strong winds are expected to push through the Plains in the middle section of the atmosphere.

What this will do is allow for thunderstorms to tilt more giving the storms a chance to live longer.

Super cell thunderstorms are possible. They are capable of developing very large hail and tornadoes.

Then Dallas/Ft. Worth will in the cross hairs on Sunday.

From Central Texas northward another round of tornadic super cells could evolve thanks to daytime heating. Damaging winds and hail could be produced by the storms.

The slowly progressing system will then make its way to the Mid South, impacting Memphis, Tennessee, Birmingham, Alabama, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The storm system is expected to produce scattered to numerous super cells through the Middle and Lower Mississippi Valley.

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