Severe storms destroy family's new toy

SIENNA PLANTATION - Thursday night's severe weather brought fierce rain, wind and lightning to the Houston area.

The storms knocked trees down in Sienna Plantation, where kids were celebrating the last day of school.

"I was sitting in the seat when I heard this tree cracking and bending," said homeowner Jason Petrie. "And I heard a snap."

Petrie said the end of the year party started out great; but, Mother Nature had other plans.

A tree snapped, landing on his family's new toy.

"A trampoline we bought at 12 o'clock today… put it together about 3:00, and the party started at 6:00," said Petrie. "It's toast. It's gone. It's broken."

The middle schoolers and their families were just thankful they went inside before the weather got worse.

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