Pacific tropical activity remains active while Atlantic remains quite.

New disturbance in Pacific Ocean could impact coast of Mexico.

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The eastern Pacific off the west coast of Central America and Mexico sees more tropical storms and hurricanes than the Atlantic Basin. The reason you don't hear much about storms in this region is they generally move to the west or northwest well away from land and even away from shipping lanes. Such was the case with Hurricane Cosme this past week.

Sometimes the weather pattern in the Pacific shifts a bit allowing an eastern Pacific storm to move more to the north or northeast with the threat of landfall somewhere in Mexico. This could be the scenario shaping up for the week in the eastern Pacific. This morning conditions continue to be highly conducive for more development, with a large area of thunderstorms south of Mexico that the National Hurricane Center gives a high chance of developing into a tropical storm today or tomorrow. Unlike Cosme, computer models indicate this storm will track more toward the north. At this time there is at least some threat to the west coast resorts of Mexico, the Baja Peninsula and shipping lanes through much of next week.  If it forms, the next name on the list for the eastern Pacific is Dalila, pronounced dah-LY-lah.

Meanwhile, all's quiet in the Atlantic.

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