Why were some structures "spared"?

By Frank Billingsley - Chief Meteorologist
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HOUSTON - Check out the National Weather Service survey of the Moore EF5 Tornado.  You'll notice on the 17mile track, which was 1.3 miles wide, that the tornado was not an EF5 status for its entire fifty minutes on the ground.  In fact, for much of the time the tornado was EF2 (111-135mph winds) but through the most populated areas the strength did go to EF4 (166-200mph winds) and when the Tornado hit the Briarwood Elementary school the damage indicates it did make EF5 (200-210mph).  To those people enduring their losses this hardly makes a difference, but it does explain why some homes seem to have been spared by an EF5--the fact is, the wind strength varied in different neighborhoods. 

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