National Weather Service determines tornado responsible for Shepherd storm damage

EF-1 tornado touched down briefly and Monday afternoon

By Eric Braate - Weather Executive Producer
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SHEPHERD, Texas - The National Weather Service completed its damage survey of the area near Shepherd, Texas, that got hit hard Monday afternoon when a storm ripped through the area. Based on the damage and eyewitness accounts, the storm produced an EF-1 tornado.

The tornado touched down at 2:03 p.m., stayed on the ground for three minutes. It produced a peak wind between 95 and 105 mph.  The tornado's path was 30 yards wide and 0.6 mile long.

No injuries occurred during the storm.  A barn and a small shed were destroyed and the adjacent home sustained significant damage to the roof, garage, and front door.  The storm spread debris, including shingles, sheet metal, and cans, about 1/2 mile from the home. 

Multiple people report seeing the funnel cloud and/or tornado.  Others said they received the tornado warning issued for this particular storm.

The National Weather Service is rating this tornado as an EF-1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale for tornado size and severity.  The scale ranges from EF-0 (65 to 85 mph wind) to EF-5 (200+ mph wind).  The rating for any particular tornado is determined largely on the extent and severity of damage from the storm.  Monday's Shepherd tornado is considered a weak tornado. 

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