Lone Star Motorcycle Rally comes to Galveston

GALVESTON - Motorcyclists from all over the country are converging on Galveston this weekend for the 12th annual Lone Star Bike Rally.

Event organizers expect 400,000 people to be in town for some part of this four-day event. Now that Thursday's rain is out of the way, the forecast nice weather could make that attendance number grow higher.

"We're on pace to be the biggest motorcycle rally in the world," said Galveston City Councilman Norman Pappous.

One biker named "Puppy" rode in from Gulf Port Mississippi and cracked several ribs along the way in an unfortunate tumble he took on one of the roads.

"I didn't want to miss this event," said Puppy as he rubbed his sore left side. "They do a good job here every year."

Tom and Annette Swanson rode in from San Antonio Thursday afternoon on the back side of the cold front and rain that hammered southeast Texas. Annette was straight to the point about what brings her back year after year.

"The food, the entertainment and all the people that come. It's great. It's a great time," she said.

Mark Gray has been a co-owner and organizer of the event for the last eight years, and says that's what this event is known for.

"This rally is a very safe," he said. "Through the years, there have been very few problems, so people are here to have fun and have a good time."

This is the 12th year for the event, and in addition to hundreds of vendors and the custom displays on the strand and the Seawall, a special added attraction is the appearance of four stars from FX's "Sons of Anarchy." It's one more way to help boost this year's attendance.

"This is a great family event,"  Pappous said. "Even if bikes ain't (sic) your thing, I promise that you'll be grinning ear to ear and talking nonstop about the people you've met and this great experience. This is great for Galveston."

Organizers say there will be concerts in the Strand and on the Seawall throughout the rally, a pro builders competition on Friday, a ride in show on Saturday and appearances by the "Sons of Anarchy" stars.

Tommy "Chibs" Flannagan, Mark "Bobby" Boon, Kim "Tig Coates" and Theo "Juice" Rossi will be on hand to take pictures and sign autographs at various times throughout the rally.

KPRC Meteorologist Khambrel Marshall says the weather forecast is excellent for this weekend, so this is a great time to head to Galveston for a fun event.

Organizers say come on down, and whether your on a bike or in a car, be aware that there will be many more motorcycles on the highway so be extra careful. And of course, have fun!

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