Local 2 Hurricane App and Survival Guide available now!

Be prepared for 2013 hurricane season with Local 2 at your fingertips

By Frank Billingsley - Chief Meteorologist
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One Tropical Storm down, with a forecast for many more to come! This is a good time to remind you of our brand new KPRC Local 2 FREE Hurricane APP for your I-Phone or Android---just search "KPRC". It's simple to download and install, but do make sure to allow the APP to locate you. There's nothing fishy going on, but this APP has been redesigned with an awesome radar that simply needs to know your location to work efficiently. You'll like the radar---it's very easy to use. And you'll have all the most recent hurricane information at your fingertips, so please replace the old hurricane APP with our new one!

In addition, our Hurricane and Flood Survival Guide 2013 is available for free download. Just go to the Hot Button here on the Click2Houston site. The guide is also available in Spanish. I'm excited to offer this via the internet because so many people grab a paper copy in the grocery and then can't actually find it when they need it---so this one is always on-line for you. And it's a great learning tool for kids!
Let's hope we don't need the APP or the Guide this year, but know that they are there for you "just in case".


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