June Squirrel Watch 2013

Headline Goes Here Ryan Sandlin

This is Theodore. Our neighbors rescued him when he was a baby and nurtured him. These pictures are of my girlfriend, Kellye, feeding him when he was about a month old.

This Squirrel has no table manners. Who is allowed to put their feet on the table while eating.  Photo by: Danny Adaway

The evil eye...  Don't touch his food.  Photo by: Linda Schakett, The Woodlands

Our hurricane expert, Bill Read, sent in this picture of a squirrel eating a french fry. 

Notice a theme here?  Squirrels eating everything!  Photo by: Keesha Lewis, The Woodlands

My mom and 5 year old daughter, Annsley, have been blaming the birds for eating the plums off the tree.  However...this little guy was caught red handed!  Photo by: Sharese Hurst

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