Ice causes travel troubles

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - Dozens of drivers found themselves stuck for hours Friday morning on the 610 North Loop ramp merging from the East Freeway.

"I have stayed over here for two hours already," said driver Angel Velez. "He told me four hours more."

Velez was heading to work when he found himself stuck on the ice with nowhere to go.

"On the bridge, there is a lot of ice and the cars are turning," said Velez. "You can't pass."

Drivers were left dealing with icy conditions after the temperature dropped and the rain started to freeze on the roadways.   

"The ice just started to settle on the bridge; luckily, I had a nice neighborly fellow tell me about it and turned around and come back this way," said driver Zach Cashman.

Drivers were forced to make U-turns on the ramps and head back down the way they originally came from, causing most to find a new route to work.

But for some, they decided to make home their new destination.

"I am going to get a plate of soup and stay in the house," said Velez. "I told everybody to stay in the house."

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