Sabine Pass worried about Isaac

SABINE PASS, Texas - The Louisiana-Texas border kept a close eye on Tropical Storm Isaac Monday.

In Sabine Pass, Diane Bergeron has been through the routine before. She runs a small convenience store and is stocking up on water and essential supplies.

"It will be pretty busy if they start evacuating the rigs. They'll all come here and fill up with gas and get the stuff they need for traveling to get out safely because the roads here go under water," Bergeron said.

Sabine Pass is home to dozens of oil refineries and marinas.

BP, Exxon Mobile and Chevron have evacuated oil rig workers because of the threatening storm.

Meanwhile, shrimpers and commercial fishermen fear the storm could hurt their livelihood.

"We are just going to run them until the storm comes, and if the storm comes, and if it not, we will keep on running," Travor Elen said.

Residents said even though Isaac does not have a direct path, it's better to be safe than sorry.

"We all keep an eye on it here. We have been through it several times, so we watch it daily," Bergeron said.

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