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HOUSTON - Sandy made landfall in southern New Jersey Monday evening, bringing with it the anticipated severe storm surge and flooding, along with widespread power outages from strong winds.

This morning, what was Sandy is now a sizeable winter storm centered over Pennsylvania.  It still has significant winds and those strong winds now extend from eastern seaboard to the Great Lakes. Enough onshore wind exists to produce coastal flooding, but nothing like what occurred yesterday.  After the winds, the remaining impacts from Sandy will be very heavy snow in the Appalachians and spotty flash flooding from locally heavy rainfall.  By Wednesday, it will have weakened considerably and will be producing more typical winter storm weather for the northeast U.S. and Canada.

So today begins the recovery.  Damage will be assessed, power and transportation restoration will be a priority, and the clean up will begin. Because so much property was in the storms path, the damage will be high.  Early estimates of insured losses are in excess of $10 billion.

As we in southeast Texas learned from storms like Ike and Allison, recovery is a marathon, not a sprint.

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