How fast does your car heat up?

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HOUSTON - The worst thing that can happen to a parent is forgetting a child in a car seat.

Some advice I was given is to keep a stuffed animal in the car seat and when your child is in the car, place the animal in the front as a reminder you have your child in the back. Or if you take your cell phone, briefcase or backpack and put it in the back seat with your child because no matter how distracted you may get, or how quiet your baby is, you'll always remember these items.

Ever wonder how hot the inside of your car can get and how quickly? Here is a time table.

10 minutes = 19-degree increase
20 minutes = 29-degree increase
30 minutes = 34-degree increase
60 minutes = 43-degree increase

The reason it gets so hot so quickly is short-wave energy enters the car through the windows but long wave-energy cannot escape. On an 85 degree day, the inside of a car can get to 140 degrees in one hour.

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